While remaining conscious of the fundamental role chemistry plays in our everyday lives, OXEA is proud to be guided by the principles of sustainable business. We recognize the underlying economic, environmental and social factors that are the foundation for sustainable success, and develop our long-term strategy accordingly. Moreover, we strive for maintaining transparent communication with our stakeholders.


We are delighted to introduce you to our first milestone in sustainability reporting based on GRI guidelines. OXEA's Sustainability Report features extensive disclosure of OXEA's fiscal year 2016 performance in governance and ethics, sustainability, health and safety in the workplace, environmental stewardship, and other relevant economic and social aspects.

In 2015, OXEA was awarded the Silver accreditation by EcoVadis for its sustainability performance and strives to continuously manage its sustainability practices for the first time.

EcoVadis is dedicated to facilitating the integration of sustainability criteria in the customer-supplier relationships, hereby teaming up with the “Together for Sustainability” initiative.