We take responsibility

Growth and success require a solid foundation. At OXEA, this means trust and responsibility. We appreciate and nurture the trust that our customers and our neighbors have placed in us. We intend to be recognized as a valuable corporate citizen and make every effort to operate responsibly in our local communities.

We take responsibility for the people who work for OXEA and those who live in the surrounding areas of our sites. We support projects in collaboration with partners such as communities, associations, local governments, and nearby institutions, and extend financial support to programs that nurture sustainability. We also sponsor children's events and encourage young people in our communities in an effort to enrich future generations. Our aim is to be a decisive community partner and a responsible corporate citizen by positively impacting social development.

Protecting the environment, as well as maintaining the safety and health of our employees and neighbors motivates us every day. Through dedicated employees, significant annual investments in safety technology and equipment, on-going education, drills and training, and close relationships with safety authorities in our communities, we "live" our safety values at OXEA. Therefore, wherever we work, we act in compliance with safety and environmental regulations. Accordingly, knowledge, experience, and a sense of responsibility are the basis for every employee's safe actions. This includes all procedures within our plants, from the purchasing and controlling of raw materials, production and product testing, to technology, marketing, logistics and disposal.

OXEA maintains open dialog with local associations, citizen groups, and residents, particularly in the areas of safety, health, and environmental protection. We have open communications with respect to environmental and health-related events that could affect our neighbors.

A good education is the foundation for a successful career at OXEA. Through its own education center in Germany, OXEA offers young people an excellent framework for an education that will serve them well in the future. OXEA also relies on advanced training for all employees. A number of offerings for professional qualification are open to them. In this way, OXEA adheres to a long tradition, which has been continued even in difficult economic times.

And this is what makes working for OXEA so exciting.