The foundation of our success

Our most essential value is safety. We accept responsibility for the safety and occupational health of our employees and our neighbors, and for protection of the environment. Every investment in our plants includes implementation of higher safety standards. We collaborate with government authorities and independent specialists to meet or exceed safety requirements. Our employees undergo continual safety training. The advanced technology of our plants is a reflection of our commitment to the highest standards of safety. We make absolutely no compromises in this area. That is what responsibility means to us.

The success of our customers depends on the excellent quality and outstanding performance of their products, which are produced using intermediate chemicals from OXEA. Our focus on excellence and quality provides value all along the supply chain.

The company was just established in 2007, however, decades of previous experience and product reliability have made us a desirable business partner. Internationally, we are among the market leaders in acetates, alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, and aldehydes. By continuously improving our plants and chemical processes, we are able to increase productivity – while preserving product quality and protecting both people and the environment.

Our customers include international conglomerates as well as medium-sized companies. They all depend on OXEA’s high-quality production and reliable supply.

Improvements are realized when honest and open dialog is embraced. This requires mutual respect. We greatly value our self-assured, independent, and highly motivated employees.

They gladly accept responsibilities and move the company forward with their ideas. They continue their education for their own personal success and the company's success. The knowledge shared by employees strengthens our diverse abilities. Cultural differences are an asset to OXEA, because good chemistry between individuals is a key to our success.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Our businesses are highly regulated in all of the jurisdictions in which we operate...


Business conduct policy

By supporting high standards and company values OXEA demonstrates that it is committed to acting as a responsible company in all of its corporate actions…


We take responsibility

Growth and success require a solid foundation. At OXEA, this means trust and responsibility…