To meet the key components of our strategy and business performance, we…

... leverage our leading position in oxo intermediates

OXEA is committed to maintaining our leading position in oxo intermediates in our core business markets in Europe and North America as well as capitalizing on other global growth market opportunities. Through continuous optimization of our key technologies, leveraging of regional raw material cost advantages in the U.S., and investment in new capacity for our propyls business, we maintain our focus on balancing the needs of the markets and the expectations of our customers today and for the future.

... expand our Value Chain in oxo derivatives

In addition to providing a key base-load for oxo intermediates products, OXEA aims to further develop the value chain of the oxo derivatives business in order to serve more stable and high-value added markets. We pursue this goal through organic growth and selective acquisitions, leveraging our core engineering, manufacturing, and marketing competencies. During the first ten years as OXEA, we have significantly expanded our oxo derivatives capabilities in carboxylic acids (Oberhausen), specialty esters and derivatives (Amsterdam, Oberhausen, Nanjing), and polyols (Bishop). We are vigilant and intent on discovering additional options to further diversify our oxo derivatives portfolio.

... improve Process Efficiency, strengthen Capacity Utilization and maintain Reliability

Since the start of OXEA, we have successfully implemented new capacities, preferentially to strengthen the oxo derivatives product portfolio. We have also realized major debottlenecking and efficiency improvement projects with attractive, short payback timelines for both intermediates and derivatives businesses. Our strategic intent is to continue these operational excellence activities by maintaining the reliability of our units and by reducing the overall cost basis which are key elements for the profitability of OXEA.

... generate strong cash flows

We take pride in our ability to generate positive and robust cash flows. Even in years of economic weaknesses, OXEA demonstrated an ongoing strong cash generation by targeting maximum utilization of our existing assets and resources and exercising discipline in our growth-oriented capital expenditures and an excellent working capital management.

... sustain superior Environmental, Health and Safety Excellence

In the area of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), OXEA performs within the ranges of the leading companies in our industry. We are dedicated to continually improving our EHS performance. Our key goal within OXEA is zero EHS incidents. It is OXEA’s policy to design, build, run, and maintain our manufacturing units and processes with a focus on high environmental and safety standards. Our products are developed, evaluated and documented in a responsible manner, so that our employees, customers, the public, and the environment are protected from avoidable risks. We ensure that all employees receive appropriate training, thereby enabling them to effectively contribute to EHS performance and EHS improvement processes.