Sales & Customer Relations Contacts

On this page you may find the Sales Contacts and the Customer Relations Contacts.
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Global Sales Team Europe

Germany North, Germany East, Germany West

Austria, Germany East, Eastern Europe, International Distributors

Africa, Germany South, Switzerland (German speaking), Turkey, Near-/Middle East, South Eastern Europe

Spain, Portugal

UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Finland

Belgium, France, Switzerland (French speaking)

Italy, Greece, Israel


Global Sales Team Americas

Midwest, Southwest, West, Northwest and Western Canada

Southeast US

Midwest US and Distributor Management

Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania

Northeast US and Eastern Canada

Latin America


Global Sales Team Asia-Pacific



China, Hong Kong & Taiwan

  • Eddie Chen
  • +88 6 953 872 158
  • +65 6 478 5074
  • Taiwan Tel +886 958 872 157
    China Cell +86 158 2164 8999

    WeChat oxeaeddie

South East Asia, India, Korea, Australia and New Zealand

Customer Relations Team Europe

Director Global Customer Relations

Austria, Scandinavia (EU), German Distributors

Germany I

Germany II

Germany III


Spain, Portugal


Belgium, Luxembourg

The Netherlands I

The Netherlands II, Eastern Europe, Greece

UK, Ireland


USA, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Asia

Latin America

Africa, Near & Middle East, Turkey, Switzerland

Customer Relations Team Americas

Customer Relations Manager Americas

US - Direct Customers

US - Distribution Customers

US - Direct Customers

US - Direct Customers

US - Distribution Customers

  • Clint Weber
  • +1 972 481-6017
  • +1 979 241 4514
  • Email Order Inquiry:

    Backup: Colangelo Tolbert

Mexico – Domestic Customers

Mexico – Domestic Customers


South & Central America (excl. Brazil & Argentina)

Brazil, Argentina & ROW

Customer Relations Team Asia-Pacific

China & Japan

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia & Indonesia, Bangladesh & Thailand

Australia , New Zealand , CSPL (Singapore), South Korea & Vietnam

India, Pakistan, Singapore (exclude CSPL) & China