While being committed to the inherent role chemistry plays in our everyday lives, OXEA is proud to be guided by the principles of sustainable business. We recognize the underlying economic, environmental and social factors as a foundation for sustainable success and develop our long-term strategy accordingly.

As a result, we see ourselves as a sustainable company in which the three spheres of the sustainability concept are holistically realized by multi-faceted projects in the areas of environmental stewardship, social skills and economic strength.

In 2015, OXEA was awarded the Silver accreditation by EcoVadis for its sustainability performance and strives to continuously manage its sustainability practices for the first time.

EcoVadis is dedicated to facilitating the integration of sustainability criteria in the customer-supplier relationships, hereby teaming up with the “Together for Sustainability” initiative.

Environmental stewardship

At OXEA worldwide, environmental responsibility includes the protection of humans and the environment. With our methods for risk assessment we strive to recognize potential risks of our products and processes and to avoid them.

We support the protection of the global climate through our energy-efficient production plants, resource-efficient processes and innovative developments.

Economic strength

Following the basic economic principle of conserving resources and using them efficiently, our business model emphasizes effective linking of all equipment in our production network.

Our long-term, economically-oriented actions associated with innovations and investments are the basis of secure work places, financial stability of the company and global competitiveness.

Social responsibility

Our Core Values underline the importance of social responsibility at OXEA

In addition to community involvement at our plant locations, the investment in youth training and continuing education for our employees, as well as comprehensive HR involvement, we have been initiating programs to meet the challenges of demographic change for several years.

In particular we are focusing on topics such as health promotion, staff recruitment / retention and knowledge transfer. We want to insure that all our employees - including the older ones - remain healthy and fit for as long as possible and thus continue to contribute to our long-term success.