Business conduct policy

By supporting high standards and company values as described in the first section of the following Code of Conduct, OXEA demonstrates that it is committed to acting as a responsible company in all of its corporate actions.

These standards and company values help us define the way in which we can achieve our goals. They assist in establishing OXEA as a trustworthy business partner, an attractive employer, and a good neighbor. We use them to promote a corporate climate of integrity and responsibility, the values that our company embraces.

That is also the purpose of the following Code of Conduct. It is designed to ensure that all employees are acquainted with and understand OXEA's values and principles in order to provide for integrity and responsibility in our actions. The Code of Conduct provides us with a general framework for our actions as a fair and reliable partner.

The Code of Conduct encompasses a wide spectrum of issues that are important for daily work, yet cannot provide a specific solution for each unique situation. If, at any time, an employee suspects that he/she, a co-worker, or the company could come into conflict with the principles established in this Code of Conduct, they should consult the internal legal department.

In order to live up to its reputation as a responsible company, all OXEA employees must be acquainted with these principles and take them to heart in their daily work. For this reason, employees will be requested to sign the Code of Conduct, thereby verifying that they have read and understood it and will act accordingly.

Code of Conduct