And this is what makes an overseas internship at OXEA so exciting:

Riding a mountain bike up hill and down can be exhilarating and energizing.  As you zip through the wilderness, though, you probably don’t realize that OXEA products go into the plastics for the high-tech wheels and even the protective clothing. You might also find OXEA products in good dispersion paints, furniture finishes.

It´s about your training.

OXEA is looking for talented people – and is finding them at places such as job fairs held at the leading Texas universities. Engineering and chemistry students starting with their second year have the opportunity to find out all they want to know. Our HR specialists, engineers, technicians, and chemists are available to answer their questions. If the "chemistry" is right, a chat can quickly turn into an interview. The next step entails examining that first impression – by both parties – at an in-depth interview.

OXEA offers internships every summer at its Bay City and Bishop sites. This means practice – “live” and firsthand – as our student interns get to work alongside experienced staff on challenging projects. These internships are also open to interested candidates from all countries. At OXEA, you can always expect more. We are one of the leading chemical companies in our sector, and we thrive on driving technology forward. We believe that every individual is important. Our streamlined organizational structure will provide you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with an enormous variety of tasks that will challenge your professional skills and boost your career.