Our achievements – your gain

Company pension

OXEA offers a retirement savings plan for all of its employees.

Employee development

We offer comprehensive internal and external training opportunities and programs to help employees gain professional and personal qualifications. To determine which training measures are appropriate, managers and staff meet to discuss individual requirements and personal preferences, as well as to study objectives. We place high priority on multi-disciplinary knowledge transfer -- for example, chemistry for commercial and administrative applications.

Employee magazine

The OXEA Journal appears several times a year with news from home and abroad, from the shop floor and management to personal articles about individual members of our workforce.


US vacation and holidays details: The observance of paid holidays depends on local practice and varies by location. For regular, full-time employees, the amount of paid vacation you have depends on your length of service.


We offer competitive salaries, plus bonus. Our bonus arrangements are based on factors including company success, the achievement of common goals and the employee’s personal performance.

And this is what makes working for OXEA so exciting:

It's all about your success.

A great concert, buying your first car or moving into your first apartment can create lifelong memories. However, while you’re creating those memories, you probably are not aware that you might find OXEA products in the plastics used in stage sets, in the fuels for motorized vehicles, and in good quality emulsion paints. You might also find OXEA products in safety glass and medical equipment, in cosmetics and perfumes, refrigerators, and automotive paints, as well as in pesticides, herbicides, turbine oils, plastic film, and many, many more. Most of the technologies and procedures were originally developed by our own engineers and chemists and are continuously being improved. Our corporate strategy is focused on developing new fields of application for our products, an approach that has led to a remarkable increase in our production capacity. And yes, we have set scientific milestones and continue to do so today all over the world: in Germany, Europe, the USA, and now, in China, too. This is your chance as an engineer, chemist, lab analyst, supply chain specialist, commercial or technical specialist.

OXEA offers you a working environment with a streamlined structure that is capable of delivering an enormous variety of tasks to challenge you professionally and advance your career.