And this is what makes working for OXEA overseas so exciting:

As you thrill to the excitement of Formula 1 racing, you probably don’t realize that you will often find OXEA products in the fuel for racing cars and the paints on the car body. You probably wouldn’t know that OXEA products also have uses that improve everyday life, such as the many plastics used in sound engineering, and in DVD and Blu-ray discs.

OXEA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of oxo products and an industry leader in end-user markets. Our company is financially sound and enjoys an increasing growth rate. We are environmentally conscious and have strong corporate values.  Worldwide, we employ around 1,400 people in Europe, America, and Asia.

We supply a steadily growing number of international customers from our production plants in Oberhausen and Marl (Germany), Amsterdam (Nederland), Bay City and Bishop (Texas), Nanjing (China / currently under construction), and our sales offices in Dallas, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan.

Our broad presence provides excellent scope for those starting out in their careers, as well as for experienced people, who enjoy looking beyond their immediate environment.

Be inspired!