No one knows more about Oxo!

We are the second largest manufacturer of Oxo chemicals by production capacity, producing more than 70 products for customers in a wide range of industries with various end-market applications.

With a total production capacity of over 1.3 million tons per annum, we are the largest Oxo chemicals producer for the merchant market (where sales are to third party customers)and the world's second largest Oxo chemicals producer overall, as many of our peer companies are primarily producing Oxo chemicals specifically for their captive (internal) downstream requirements.

We have more than 75 years of experience in the production of Oxo chemicals, built upon processes originally invented by our predecessor companies Celanese/Hoechst and Degussa. This experience has enabled us to develop our core competencies and proprietary technologies across the entire Oxo chemicals value chain.

We have production facilities in Germany (Oberhausen and Marl), in the United States (Bay City and Bishop) and in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). We have sales offices in numerous other locations, including Asia and Latin America.

We divide our operations into two segments, Oxo Intermediates and Oxo Derivatives.